Selfridges & Co

Earlier this year Selfridges chanced upon Piddington Jam during a thorough search for new, exciting and unique jam producers for their Food Hall. Wowed by the look and feel, they invited us to pitch for a spot on their shelves. 

Enticed by the magic and fun of Piddington Jam, and after tasting the range, they quickly put in an order for Apricot & Rosemary, Plum & Rose and Strawberry & Pepper. 

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photo 4 copy.JPG
photo 1.JPG

After a long and somewhat confusing drive to the outskirts of Birmingham to deliver the boxes of liquid jewels, Piddington Jam has now landed  safely in one of its new homes... 

I am overjoyed to announce that you can now purchase Piddington Jam from Selfridges & Co stores across the country and online.  

Grab them while you can!