Crystal Palace Roots

Crystal Palace is my homestead. It is where I formed my love of baking and jam making, and where I founded my jampire, Piddington Jam. 

Crystal Palace has always had a motivated voice and community, and I was therefore moved to come back to where I started and get involved with the young Crystal Palace Food Market. As a Transitional Town Project, it aims to support local food producers, sustainable farmers and allotments, and wants to enrich the local community.

It truly achieves what it sets out to do: I was in the Patchwork Farm section, which, next to their own stall, holds a space for rotating sellers to keep the market fresh and interesting. Their stall sell and swap fruit, vegetables and herbs from more than forty ‘farms’ in SE19 and further afield. I was impressed to see a continual flow of local residents and market volunteers bringing the gluts of their produce for them to sell. At one point I mistook spring onions for leeks as they were so big!

All the stall holders were interested in each other and passionate about their wares: I was so bewitched that I was gorging on samphire from Veasey & Sons Fishmongers, cheese by London Cheesemongers, and had bagged a box of eggs (from chickens that actually run free) from Brambletye Fruit Farm all before I had finished setting up my own stall!!

It may be a small market, but it is full of bustle and hum and really adopts you into the fold. It felt amazing to be part of it and I feel proud that we, as a town, have come together to deliver something incredible.