Speciality & Fine Food Fair

The Speciality and Fine Food Fair is taking place in September and this is our second year attending!

We've always had a great time at this show and the food is generally incredible, so we are really looking forward to it, and to making some fantastic new connections. 

We would love to meet all retailers, importer/exporters, delis, hotels, cafes and restaurants from the UK and around the world. Come along to stand V65 and try some jam and marmalade!!

See you there!

Selfridges & Co

Earlier this year Selfridges chanced upon Piddington Jam during a thorough search for new, exciting and unique jam producers for their Food Hall. Wowed by the look and feel, they invited us to pitch for a spot on their shelves. 

Enticed by the magic and fun of Piddington Jam, and after tasting the range, they quickly put in an order for Apricot & Rosemary, Plum & Rose and Strawberry & Pepper. 

photo 2 copy.JPG
photo 4 copy.JPG
photo 1.JPG

After a long and somewhat confusing drive to the outskirts of Birmingham to deliver the boxes of liquid jewels, Piddington Jam has now landed  safely in one of its new homes... 

I am overjoyed to announce that you can now purchase Piddington Jam from Selfridges & Co stores across the country and online.  

Grab them while you can!

Crystal Palace Roots

Crystal Palace is my homestead. It is where I formed my love of baking and jam making, and where I founded my jampire, Piddington Jam. 

Crystal Palace has always had a motivated voice and community, and I was therefore moved to come back to where I started and get involved with the young Crystal Palace Food Market. As a Transitional Town Project, it aims to support local food producers, sustainable farmers and allotments, and wants to enrich the local community.

It truly achieves what it sets out to do: I was in the Patchwork Farm section, which, next to their own stall, holds a space for rotating sellers to keep the market fresh and interesting. Their stall sell and swap fruit, vegetables and herbs from more than forty ‘farms’ in SE19 and further afield. I was impressed to see a continual flow of local residents and market volunteers bringing the gluts of their produce for them to sell. At one point I mistook spring onions for leeks as they were so big!

All the stall holders were interested in each other and passionate about their wares: I was so bewitched that I was gorging on samphire from Veasey & Sons Fishmongers, cheese by London Cheesemongers, and had bagged a box of eggs (from chickens that actually run free) from Brambletye Fruit Farm all before I had finished setting up my own stall!!

It may be a small market, but it is full of bustle and hum and really adopts you into the fold. It felt amazing to be part of it and I feel proud that we, as a town, have come together to deliver something incredible. 


Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

One thing I do hate about making and baking food is the waste. I like to keep my wastage to a minimum by using leftovers in any way possible.

My biggest issue with making jam is all the pathetic looking lemon bodies after prolific squeezing. Therefore; this week I got creative with my cupboards and hit upon  fantastic combination… Lemon and Thyme marmalade. zingy, sweet, fresh and floral: a magical jar of dozing in the warm shade of a big tree in the blazing heat. 

I will be selling it for the first time at The Chelsea Flower Mini Market on Duke of York Square on 24th May.